Cronton Clean-Up

On Friday May 21st the second phase of this year's Cronton Spring Clean took place in and around the village and many thanks are due to all those who took part. Our aim once again was to demonstrate that a partnership between local volunteers and a wide variety of agencies who have an involvement in the Cronton area could make a difference to our environment.
The Environment Agency (pic 1) who have a responsibility for the streams that flow through our area provided a team of six men who cleared the section of Dog Clog Brook between Iver Close and Hall Lane, removing litter and clearing overgrown foliage.
The Highways Agency (pic 2) carried out an extensive litter clearance along the M62 grass verges between the slip-road at Rainhill Stoops and Foxes Bank Bridge. These are areas that can not be 'litter-picked' by the general public for obvious safety reasons and we are extremely grateful to the Environment Agency and the Highways Agency for backing our Cronton campaign with practical help. Sadly, the battle against litter along our motorways and particularly at junctions and slip-roads, is an ongoing problem because of the number of people who simply empty their rubbish from their cars and wagons.
Some of our team of volunteers including Cronton's Community Police Officer (pic 3), tackled the 'safe side' of the motorway fence alongside the footpaths to the north of Pex Hill. In the village itself, our work was supported by the Knowsley Council Pride Team, leaving our streets virtually clear of litter by the end of the day whilst other volunteers tackled parts of Sandy Lane, Penny Lane and Cronton Pasture.
We must not however be complacent. Further 'Clean Up Days' are planned and there are still parts of our countryside and roads network that remain regularly blighted by unsightly litter. Your support is desperately needed and if you are able to give a little of your time to working with us to keep Cronton and its surrounding countryside cleaner and litter-free it would help provide a better environment for us all. If you would like to get involved in future 'clean-up' activities please contact us by e-mail: or leave a message via the website: . To everyone who gave their time and effort supporting the clean-up - THANK YOU!

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