Westfield Road inc. Upper Icknield Way roundabout

Four bags of litter and a crate load of cans and bottles recovered.

Huge haul of beer can and bottles from the hedges next to the field gate on Westfield Road (across the road from the 'dog-walking' field!) There were three separate sites where stacks of beer containers had been dumped. I have contacted Bucks CC about this and they confirm that even though it is technically private land here, offenders can be prosecuted - just need to catch them in the act!!

The brambles on the green area outside the quarry have begun to die down and this revealed a stack of litter. Same also on the public footpath which runs between the quarry and Northfield Road. I suspect of the litter along this path isn't discarded by users of the path, but instead by occupants of cars driving past and also people accessing the quarry on foot as I found quite a lot of litter by those areas where the fence has been forced down to allow access to the quarry.

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    Windmill field litter pick

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