Ivinghoe bridleway clear up

A 2-hour slog netted two full bags and a crate of recyclables. Lost count of the number of bags of dog poo found, some at the Ivinghoe Aston end which were only 20-30 metres from a bin which accepted dog waste.

There were four locations along the route where large amounts of domestic waste had been dumped. I have photographed these and will contact Bucks council about it. In addition to the miscellaneous other stuff along the bridle path, I managed to clear only three of the four because I ran out of bags! However, I bumped into a chap as I was leaving who had been on his way to clear the waste sites. I told him I had left one of these, so he set off to clear it.

I was surprised how much waste there was generally along this trail, some of which had clearly been there some considerable time. The hedges were really thick in places and I dare say if I'd had the time to look much closer, I would have found more waste.

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