Midsummer Common

1 bag of recyclables (4 kg), 1 bag of ecobrickable plastic (1.14 kg), 1 bag of non-recyclables (3 kg).

Our first litterpick where we were aware of the existence of ecobricking. We had a special event planned for the evening, but before we spent 2.5 hrs going down Midsummer Common to Cutter Ferry Bridge. We got 3 bags of litter, and got to meet the cows as we cleared around this tree which had tons of newspaper littered around it (and bits of glass!). As we reached the bridge, it started pouring with rain - as we sheltered under the bridge, we met a postdoc who studied plastic polymers who we told about ecobricking and environmental volunteering! We walked back promising that we would only stop for large bits, and almost managed to stick to this! I forgot the metal pole we'd found that Susie had been using as a walking cane, so had to run back to get it. We reported some mess we didn't have time to clear under the bridge to the council.

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Past Events

  • Sun 11 Aug 2019
    Midsummer Common
  • Thu 08 Aug 2019
    Swan Barn Farm and Longmoor Wood
  • Wed 07 Aug 2019
    Lurgashall to Petworth walk
  • Sat 03 Aug 2019
    Painshill Park

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