Lurgashall to Petworth walk

2 general waste and 1 recyclable.

On a NT volunteering/working holiday in Haselmere ('Clearing Tennyson's view'). On our day off, we walked from Lurgashall, through the wonderfully-named village of Limbo, to the deer park/NT estate of Petworth. Susie had a nasty cough, so we hung back a bit from the group and litter picked. We found both our sacks in the hedges, and with our bare hands filled three sacks (2 general waste, one recyclable). A kindly farmer on a quad bike swapped us a new bag! Most found on the road verge between Limbo and Petworth.

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Past Events

  • Sun 11 Aug 2019
    Midsummer Common
  • Thu 08 Aug 2019
    Swan Barn Farm and Longmoor Wood
  • Wed 07 Aug 2019
    Lurgashall to Petworth walk
  • Sat 03 Aug 2019
    Painshill Park

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