DofE Week3

Total Picking Time 3 Hours 45 minutes.  Total Bags of rubbish collected 5 bags.

Nicholas, Saivaran, Alex, Nicole, Andy, Sunathee, Maciej, Aidan, Morgan, Andrei.

Route: Turchil Road, Turchil Road Park, the via bridle path to Cawston Play Area adjacent to Cawston Grange Primary School.  Photo shoot for Rugby Advertiser  out side Cawston Grange Community Centre.  Then bridle path adjacent Cawston Grange Primary School to Calvestone Road.  Calvestone Road as far as Old Farm Close.  Then U-Turn and do opposite side of Cavlveston Road  down to Turchil Road.  Top of Turchil Road the Left Turn into bridle path towards Calveston Park.  Calveston Park including Christmas Tree area.  Finally Cawston Grange Drive back to Saxon close via hedge.  

Found  toddler bike dumped on the bushes near village hall. Found empty Gas nitrous oxide or hippy crack in the hedge row on Cawston Grange Drive.  
****Toddler bike , hippy crack

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