Plogging Durley Chine again

This was our fifth get together today!!! There were 8 of us today!!! It was great to have Nick from Dorset Devils join us today. We started on West Overcliff Drive at the top of Durley Chine. We worked our way round there and down the steps to the beach and across the car park behind the Durley Harvester.... the rubbish container on the beach was empty when we started, but FULL when we stopped 90 mins later 😡😡😡😡! Some items we found today: a child’s car seat, an empty suitcase, an abandoned sleeping bag, loads of cans and bottles! Sad but glad we did our bit again today! Thanks very much Maria, Gemma, Verity, Siobhan, Stephanie, Nick, Keith and Lea for your hard work!!!

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