DofE Week4

Nicholas, Saivaran, Nicole, Sunathee and Andy.  Total of 3 bags.

Route  Saxon Close, Turchil Road, Cawston Grange Drive, Cave Close Play Area then bridle path around the back of the estate.  Rejoined top end of Cawston Grange Drive both sides back to Turchil Road.
***Dog Poo plastic

We found more than 30  bottles beer 🍺 tins 🥫 Milk bottles🥛 fizzy drinks, broken beer bottles, Foam, plastic sheets and cigarettes packets 🚬 but the thing that discuses us and my friends the most was bagged dog 🐕 Poo 💩 in the hedge rows.  Would have been better not to have bagged it at all as dog poo is biodegradable. Lazy people who call themselves animals lovers but destroy environment with plastic bag around estate, when there are waste bins for dogs within easy walking distance is disgraceful.  Also having cleared an area of litter its shocking how quickly the litter returns.  I think they council should display on the lamp posts the maximum cost for drooping litter as they did back in the 1980s.  May make people think twice.

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