Bournemouth Ploggers at it again

There were five people who turned up today. As we had our high vis jackets on, a couple approached us and asked if we were volunteers. When we explained a bit more about our mission, they gave us their phonenumber as they wanted to join us next time!!!  Hurray for high vis jackets.
There was plenty of rubbish we collected again, loads of cans (one unopened Fosters Lager, probably because it lives up to its reputation of being undrinkable), loads of empty bottles, an adult (huge) onesie!!, an empty plastic crate, so we could use that to carry things in, an empty oil container..... too much to all be mentioned here. We will warn the council of some rubbish that was too big for us to collect. Hopefully they will go and get rid of it!
Thank you to Verity, Gemma, Siobhan, Keith and Lea for a good morning’s PLOG!!!

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