Up the Durley stairs

There were six of us picking up litter behind the Durley Harvester, up the steps to the area between the flats and the cliff and down the zigzag path. The weather was perfect, although it got a bit windy towards the end while we were going back along the promenade. It was obvious that we had had a lot of rain which meant fewer people about, which meant less rubbish than on previous occasions. All in all we still picked up about 8 bags of rubbish! Plus we managed to salvage a very new football! Thank you to: Stephanie, Megan, Gemma, Verity, Keith and Lea.

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Past Events

  • Sat 27 Jul 2019
    Alum Chine and round about
  • Sat 04 May 2019
    Bank Holiday Saturday
  • Mon 22 Apr 2019
    After Easter holiday
  • Sat 02 Mar 2019
    Plogging Durley Chine again
  • Sat 12 Jan 2019
    Bournemouth Ploggers at it again
  • Sat 08 Dec 2018
    Up the Durley stairs
  • Sat 17 Nov 2018
    Plogging Durley Chine

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