Regular Walks 1 and 2

We have also noticed that there is a need to collect along all the roads around Swinton, including up to the Druid's Temple but especially around the Hotel and Spa entrances. We suspect that some of this is dropped by Swinton staff on their way to and from work. Perhaps a word with the estate would encourage them to clean up and tell staff not to litter.  

We can easily fill a large bag on each of these walks on a 2-weekly basis. The majority of the litter is empty drinks cans - Lager and 'High-Energy Drinks' probably dropped by delivery van drivers - plus plastic bottles, glass bottles, fast food containers, cups (usually Macdonalds) and cigarette packets. I think the increase in litter has matched the growth in internet shopping, with deliveries from Manchester, Leeds and Darlington etc. some drivers have no respect for rural areas and don't want their employers or families to know they are drinking alcohol, energy drinks and smoking whilst driving.

To encourage more members I have put a mention in this Friday's D&S Times Town and Village News Section:
Litter Action. - Please help to keep Mashamshire free of unsightly and polluting litter by joining the newly-formed Greener Masham Action Group. Visit to find out more and register to join.

Many thanks for that.  I've recorded 4 bags collected to our total.  David

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Past Events

  • Mon 02 Jul 2018
    Group Meeting
  • Thu 28 Jun 2018
    Ripon Rowel South side of Jameson's Mill
  • Thu 10 May 2018
    Golf Club to Pony Trek
  • Mon 07 May 2018
    Sandy Bay Circuit
  • Sat 05 May 2018
    Sandy Bay Circuit
  • Thu 26 Apr 2018
    Group Meeting
  • Wed 25 Apr 2018
    Ripon Rowel South side of Jameson's Mill
  • Mon 16 Apr 2018
    Regular Walks 1 and 2
  • Thu 05 Apr 2018
    Ripon Rowel South side of Jameson's Mill
  • Sun 01 Apr 2018
    Jameson's Mill to Micklebury
  • Fri 30 Mar 2018
    Burn bridge to Nutwith
  • Wed 14 Mar 2018
  • Sat 10 Mar 2018
    Sandy Bay circuit

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