River Ise East bank clean up Barton Seagrave

A good day's improving the River Ise green corridor, through Barton Seagrave today, concentrating on the Redrow side and the Wicksteed bank of the Slade Brook.  I spent roughly 6 hours clearing the almost exclusively plastic litter that had been deposited on the banks of the rivers, by the recent flooding.  MAJOR SNOW STORM during the pick, wow, I've just got my feet and fingers back.

I've just set up an easy and quick paypal.me link that anyone who wants to help me combat marine litter,
can support us via their phone or device.  Any donations, will pay for firstly anti-syringe gloves,
waders and then heavy duty litter pickers, because clumsy as I am, I keep breaking them trying
to extract embedded plastic in the riverbanks of the Ise and Nene.  Anything you can paypal will
help me be more able to successfully fight and pick safely in the often tricky habitats where needles
or deep water, make clean-ups impossible.  Paste the link in to your browser, I'm working on trying
to add a conventient one click button.


Go to paypal.me

I met some amazingly fascinating people, including a super nice dog walker called Jane and 'the man with the two pointers', both of whom get out and do their bit, making our greenspaces clean again.  I also met Grant, the bailiff for the back water syndicate 'The Edge'.  We had a great chat about fishing and the litter situation around the Ise valley.

All in all a very enjoyable day, during which a heavy snow storm came down, whist I was hodding the bags back to the Gotch Road entrance.  In total I amassed 30KG in 5 large council sacks.  I managed to find 5 syringes, one of which was uncapped, that I thankfully spotted before treading on it.  

There's just a small portion of bank side litter between the Cambridge line and the first gate that still needs doing. So hopefully I'll be popping back down there on Tuesday, to finish up the job and also re-pick the large field banks, which have a few more bits of plastic due to the high water levels.  Next week, I'll be picking around the back water and the main boating lake in Wicksteed's park.  

One thing to note was the 80 or so dog mess bags that were found dumped in bushes around the field, below the Redrow estate.  One walker with yellow poo bags, seems to be the main culprit.  Far too many dog walkers are dumping their bags, despite there being bins all round the site.  If you do see someone dumping a bag, please, rub their face in it, because it's just disgusting when it is so unnecessary.  Apart from that, a good day spent making Kettering better and some very engaging conversations.

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