Collected litter along Passage Road side of Brentry Lane, to include parts of Passage Road and Knole Lane.  Reported full bins on Knole Lane at Marlwood Drive bus stop and Passage Road near doctors surgery and crossing.  Reported fly tipping of lawn mower grass collector basket on Brentry Lane and reported torn black bag on Marlwood Drive as litter is escaping.  The escaped litter has been picked up, but I reported to BCC as a black bag is on driveway of private property and further litter is likely to spill out on to the street.  Reported broken-handled supermarket trolley abandoned junction of lane/Henbury Road side of Woodstock school near Toby Carvery.

Afternoon clean continued on Knole Lane heading to Crow Lane roundabout.  Part of passage road towards Cribbs Causeway, then on to Crow Lane.  I missed the other ladies in the group on Henbury Road, but picked up and reported issues at junction of Crow Lane, Henbury Road and around the Salutation bus stop.  I reported the blocked culvert, plus fly-tipping and full bin on the BCC website.  Metal pole by Crow Lane roundabout reported on BCC website too.

Crow Lane was badly littered again.  This is a heavy footfall area with shops, supermarket, park, residential houses and flats.  I reported some fly tipping and flagged one issue to our community engagement contact Lydia about rubbish bags left at side of Co-Op, which is a recurring issue.  Today one of a few bags was split spilling out empty cat food pouches and soiled cat litter.  There was bread too, so I put that in the bin along with the lose items I could pick up to hopefully dis-courage vermin.  We have lots of foxes in the area, so these bags may be opened by foxes spreading the litter on to the footpath.

The skate park and green land areas were badly littered; as well as usual sweet wrappers, bottles and cans, large items picked up to include fish and chip boxes and papers and a push chair sleeping bag.  I reported trainers hanging on overhead telephone cable to Openreach who gave 48 hours to respond ref: SS0AKC16.

I reported all full bins on Crow Lane and Passage Road and a blocked drain on Passage Road on BCC website.

I was given multiple positive comments and thank you.  I gave information about our group and website for a couple who are interested in keeping our area tidy.  I explained about CPRE as a contact for possible kit, as I know Sophie our regional contact at CPRE, had 5 kits left after we had 5 kits a few weeks ago.

Today I spent 5.5 hours collecting in total, which is extreme I know, but I am unable to put much time in over the next couple of weeks so gave time today to have a good collection on streets that I see regularly.  I will continue to pick up on my way to bus stops and shops for example as normal.

Our group is communicating by email well, so group opportunities between other members of the group will hopefully present themselves in the meantime :)

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