"Clean For The Queen" joint event with Bennett's Community Crew & the Dorset Devils

We met up with the Dorset Devils at Turtle Bay at 11am and fanned out into Horseshoe Park. The park looks, on the surface clean but our Community Crew like to dig deep. And dig deep they did!! After about 15 minutes they came out of the bushes with empty(and full!) alcohol bottles, a broken babies buggy, a golf club and a load of other historical rubbish. One of the Dorset Devils who had told us that the park was clean as he had walked through it on the way to the meeting point, was amazed at what our Crew had pulled out of the bushes!
From there we walked down into the town litter ;picking as we went. We were joined by some of Costa Coffee's staff and again we fanned out to make the most affect from our numbers. We met up again in the Square for a photo call with Steve from Bournemouth BID and his Town Rangers. We then carried on into Lower Park where we removed a large number of bottles from the Ornamental Lakes as well as picking fly tipped rubbish from the steep banks near the beach.

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