In the spirit of Asda's continuing commitment to positively engage within the community of which it is part, Colleagues at the Northfield Avenue store have taken up the challenge to remove 1 metric ton of litter and fly tipped refuse, from the Kettering locality. The event will commence on Wednesday 15th May and will run till we hit our 1000 Kilogram target.

In addition to the well documented benefits of living in a clean community, we intend to make this our first sponsored charity event, aiming to raise funds for two local charities. These will be Children In Need and also Kettering, Thrapston and District Angling club, who work tirelessly in the interests of the River Nene waterways and its amazing wildlife.
    It is planned to involve as many Asda colleagues as possible, to contribute to the total amount of rubbish collected, so hopefully it should take approximately 10-15 litter picks or 3 to 4 weeks to reach our 1 TON goal. I will be picking after my night shifts and also on my days off work each week, so it should be an achievable target
    The intended sites are; the entire Slade Brook green corridor, Wicksteed park, A14 verges between junction 4 Rothwell and Junction 12 at Thrapston, the River Nene at Titchmarsh, Aldwinkle, Wadenhoe, Pilton and Barnwell country park,
the A43 link road between Rothwell Road and Stamford Road, the Grafton Underwood roads from Weekley and
Geddington and further between the Grafton Underwood turn off, through Twyell/Slipton up to the Thrapston stone
bridge, and lastly the Nene valley from Thrapston through to Denford, road and riverbanks.
       We do realise the large scope of the picking areas, however in our view it's all the more opportunity to reach or exceed our objective.  Fingers crossed, more people will put their hand in their pockets to raise money, and fewer people will put their hand in their pockets to pull out litter in the future.

              If you feel that this issue is important enough to pull you away from the TV for 1/2 an hour, please get in touch and we'll be only too enthusiastic to get you involved, so we can all make Kettering a better place for the families of the future.  Even if you fancy picking up a bag of litter when you're walking the dog, let me know and I'll add it to our community clean up total.

           As usual Scott Melville, our GSM, has been happy to let us dispose of the rubbish in our store compactor and any sites that are not near to the store will be dealt with by the Kettering or Thrapston Street cleansing teams. We continue to
owe our gratitude to Kettering council for all their great community work and hopefully soon we will see the
installation of two new litter bins in key sites, giving us even more tools to give our area a well deserved green make-over.

Updates: FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!! As of 26/06/2013 we have collected 1000KG of Litter and raised £325 for our two charities.

On the 4th of June I spent 8 hours picking on my day off and managed to get 362KG from the notorious Violet Lane between Rothwell and Kettering. This is a record for our group and has really pushed us toward our 1 ton target.

We did a pick today, the 12th of June, of Wicksteed Park, including all the waters and green spaces. This was followed by picking Northfield Avenue from the B&Q store, along to the Hill St. bridge. Thanks to the grounds staff at Wicksteeds for getting rid of the rubbish for me.

Today 20/06/13, I picked from 6:30am till 5:00pm, tackling Northfield Ave up to Grafton Street, the Rockingham Road roundabout up to the Harvester, Rockingham Rd. roundabout to the Weekley roundabout (A43 link road) and the Weekley roundabout up to Boughton house. The day's total was 64KG, bringing the event total to 814KG so far.

Today, 26/06/13, I hit the Slade Brook between the Hill Street bridge and the B&Q store on Northfield Ave. This yielded 190KG in rubbish, consisting of such crazy items as a 47KG gas cylinder, a £200 fold away wheelchair, 2 trolleys, a chair and a bloomin massive truck tire that almost put my back out when I dragged it up the steep banks of the brook. This brings our 1 ton tidy-up to a very successful conclusion. It has been very hard work, involving 20 individual litterpicks, 200 hours of labour, spanning 9 weeks in total. We have raised £325 for our two causes and the community is looking better for it. In addition to this, the hard working chaps  at Kettering Borough Council have been saved an approximate £1500 in labour costs, which goes further to benefiting the Kettering community.

The 1000kg target that we set ourselves, 9 weeks ago, has just been successfully met, with the last litter pick of our store's 1 Ton Tidy-up charity event. We collected 190Kg from the Slade brook along Northfield Ave, hitting a rich vein of fly tipped refuse in the brook itself. A large gas cylinder was dragged up to road level, hopefully allowing the Council to claim a £5 donation to the 'Make A Wish Foundation'. In all we raised £325 for our causes and saved the local council approximately £1500 in expenditure, due to our 200 hours of volunteer community labour.

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