Craven District Fish and Chip Night

On Wednesday 15th October CPRE Craven branch held an environmentally friendly Fish & Chip evening for members and guests.  Members and guests met at the 3 Links Club to enjoy their meals where they were also welcomed by Baroness Lockwood, President of CPRE Craven district.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is very concerned not only about the huge problem of litter but also with the irresponsible use of polystyrene packaging. Fast food outlets, including fish and chip shops, needlessly use polystyrene, when there is a perfectly good substitute. 261 million portions of fish and chips are eaten each year in Britain and the effect on the environment is considerable.  For Craven, Westmoreland Fisheries fish and chip shop is setting the standard by using packaging made out of left-over sugar cane plants. These were previously burnt but now are used as a valuable environmental product: no longer rubbish, but a useful material. Polystyrene does not biodegrade but when breaking down, releases CFC gasses, which damage the ozone layer. Litter from polystyrene spoils our streets, hedgerows, canals and rivers. In comparison the  ’Bio box’ rots down after 90 days and can also be composted.

The bio packaging keeps the food crisp and warm. It is good to know that we can eat and be environmentally of good character!

The project was part of the national CPRE campaign ‘Stop the Drop’ which encourages people to take pride in their local area with the aim of reducing litter and local fly-tipping.

If you would like to get involved with CPRE Craven please contact Hilary Fenten on 01729 860313

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