2018 1 Tonne sponsored River Plastics Clean-Up campaign

This year's 1 Ton campaign will focus on the chronic plastic pollution in the River Nene and River Ise. Following the recent Blue planet documentary on marine plastic pollution and its effect on life across our entire planet, we've decided that we are going to face this problem at source, by removing a 1000KG of plastic from the Nene valley and all its tributaries.  This problem is cause by people throwing plastic bottles etc on to the riverbanks and fields of our county.  It then often blows in to the waterways and eventually finds its way to the North Sea and wider oceanic system.  

If you think that this issue doesn't affect you or your children, then you are flat out wrong.  72% of UK tap water now contains plastic and it has even been found now in our fish and other supermarket food.  Wherever you bury your head, you can no longer escape our wholesale mismanagement of plastic as a material and the way in which we control our waste streams.  We have allowed Tesco, Asda and the others to put 'not currently recycled' on packaging and then get away with not paying their waste costs.  Supermarkets know this material is ending up in our rivers and countryside, but they are keeping quiet, purely because they think that they can keep taking their profits, without being helf responsible. Even when the plastic is recyclable, more than half of families can't be bothered to sort their rubbish and people litter with little fear of punishment or disapproval.  This must stop.

Only customers can change these greedy and conscienceless corporate polluters.  It is easier than ever to fire off a couple of emails on your phone, to the big 5 retailers.  However people are, it must be said, apathetic, comfort zone dwelling, zombies.  If it was up to the general public, we would all be drinking nuclear waste, if it depended on Mr Average actually doing something other than what he does everyday without looking up from his shoes.  Until an issue falls in their lap and shakes them out of their comfort zone of warm houses, central heating, supermarket food and takeaways, phones and tv, nothing will be done.  At some point in the UK, it became 'Normal' to do nothing, to be family centric, to tolerate litter and to pursue selfish goals, that only see ownership in terms of 'ME' and immediate family and friends.  Plastic pollution is a factual testament to the possibility of selfless people, acting completely selfishly, when viewed from the point of view of other species and our species as a whole.  We are all acting against our own interests, but because it isn't an impact that disrupts everyday life, we keep doing what we are comfortable doing.  

During 2018 we will try to reverse this trend, by cleaning up and recycling as much water born plastic in Kettering and surrounding villages.  Our strategy will be to concentrate on purely recylable plastic, which includes film, that is normally not accepted by councils, but which is taken and reused by the big supermarkets.  Even the ubiquitous McDonalds or Costa coffee cup, with its toxic plastic cup lining, will be collected and deposited at the coffee retailer for processing.  The event will run all year or until we hit our 1 Tonne target.  

The 2018 event will be sponsored to raise money for Animals in Need in Irchester, who do amazing work to put right the wrongs inflicted against defenceless animals.  Since we raised £500 during last years 1 Tonne for Nanna's, their arch nemesis, we hope to match that this year, so that they can maintain and improve upon their selfless voluntary work in our county.

To help us buy some River clean-up equipment or to pledge money for Animals in Need(leave a note during the Paypal process), so we can face this problem all guns blazing, please donate via our paypal link.

Go to paypal.me

All the best, Nick.  SeeItPickItBinIt Kettering Litter Action.

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    ASDA litter pick

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