Cosmopolitan Food Festival, Clean Up.

Voluntary litter pick during the Cosmopolitan Food Festival in Crewe Town Centre. Our OWN equipment probably will not be ready for use, or we won't have any at all. (i know great isn't it)

So here's the requirements:

Bring your own:

* Required

Litter picker* (we may have a few spare, but don't count on it)
Bag(s)* (bin bags will be available for use at the event, but we won't have an unlimited amount of them)
Hi-vis vest if you have one* (once again we will have some, but not loads)
Handihoop (things that hold your bag open for you)
Any first aid equipment is desperately needed, whether it be on donation or for use just this event.
Any other litter picking stuff.

Please email Patrick Breathen if you plan on attending!

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