By joining a local litter group, starting a new one or picking up litter on your own, you will not only improve the local environment, it‘ll benefit you too. Here’s how:

  • By joining a local group, you’ll be meeting like-minded people and getting to know your neighbours.
  • Working together with others in your community you’ll harness local support for cleaning up litter.
  • It is rewarding taking action on an issue that you care about.
  • You’ll live in a nicer, cleaner and better looking environment after taking part in a few local litter picks.
  • Taking part in local litter picks, you’ll be getting out there in the fresh air.
  • By taking part in education drives, with the local school for example, you’ll get to meet people from a cross-section of your neighbourhood.
  • You will be demonstrating that simple action can make a really positive difference and help restore pride in your community.


The aim of is to encourage as many people as possible to take some form of action to help keep their community clear of litter. There are three ways that we suggest you can get involved:


1. Register as an individual litterpicker

Many people collect litter in their neighbourhood on their own. There is no need to join or form a group if you don’t want to, or if the litter problem in your neighbourhood isn’t bad enough to justify forming one. However, we would still encourage you to register at so that other people in your community - who might be interested in helping you - know what you are doing. We think it is important to tell us how much you are picking up because it gives us a better ideas of the contribution volunteers are making to help clear the UK of litter and also a better idea of just how much litter is out there. We can support your efforts by sending you resources that you might need, such as high visibility vests, cleanup sacks and even posters to put up in your local shop, pub or school.

2. Join or create a local litter group

Joining a group

Find out if there’s a group near you already in existence by typing in your postcode in the search box on the
home page to see a list of the groups nearest to you. Or click here to see a map of all the groups in the UK. You can join a group by clicking on the 'join this group' link on the group page you have chosen. Many of LitterAction's groups don't just litter pick, they also work with local authorities, schools, businesses and members of their community to prevent litter in the first place.

For more information on how to join a group - see the 'help' section (found on the green toolbar) of the website.

Starting a new group

If your postcode search doesn’t show that there is a group near you, why not start a new one? It's really not as daunting as it may sound. Infact, its hugely rewarding and could have a lasting impact on your local area and community. We’ve got all the resources and tips on LitterAction to help you. Before you create your group it is worth reading our guidance in the 'help' section of the website. This is found on the green toolbar.

3. Use our information pages or share your own success on our blog.

The LitterAction information centre is a one-stop-shop for advice and assistance for group coordinators and volunteers.  For groups there is advice on writing press releases, how to obtain funding, where to find equipment, insurance, organising community clean ups, and how to work with schools. We understand that it is not everyone's desire to sort out litter problems by just reactiing to the thoughtless nature of other people so for campaigners the information centre also contains advice on the law and how to use Litter Abatement Orders to force public land managers to keep their land clean.

We also encourage visitors to read and contribute to our blog. It is useful for sharing best practice, tips and success with other website users. If you have some advice, a tip or an opinion that you think may be of interest to other volunteer groups, please share it with us and we will post it on the blog.

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