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Founded: 01st Dec 2009


Town or City: Herne Bay

Areas covered: Studd Hill (west side) area of Herne Bay

Reducing litter and encouraging recycling and creativity through Art Exhibitions, Displays, Workshops and Community Art Projects of Art and Craft made from beach-combed litter, recycled items and found objects, to highlight the issue of litter and its impact on the local environment.
It is estimated that plastic now accounts for over 50% of all marine litter which presents significant hazards to the marine environment and wildlife as well as making our beaches look unsightly. Worldwide it is estimated that plastic marine litter kills up to 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish every year as a result of ingestion or entanglement.
Our project for 2013 is Urban Beach The North Kent Coastline of Herne Bay and Whitstable Seasalter to Reculver has seen many changes over the years, Roman Fortification, Churches, Coastal Erosion, Victorian Seaside Resort, Fishing Town, Oyster Village…whilst all the time trying to keep the sea at bay with sea defenses which in more recent times are in the form of concrete walls and promenades, the purpose of this project is to explore this stretch of coastline it’s history, how people interacted with it past and present and whether the changes that have taken place have altered out perception of what the ‘seaside’ is, whether we still view it as a wild, natural environment or an extension of the local coastal towns and 'leisure playground' due to the artificiality of it i.e.:- concrete coastal protection and proximity of housing.

Incorporating an exciting Community Art Project by ‘Shore is a load of Rubbish!, The People’s Beach people will be invited to paint or draw on a Plaster of Paris ‘Pebble’ on the theme ‘what the coast means to me’. All the ‘Pebbles’ will form an Art Installation at Reculver Visitor Centre Reculver Lane Herne Bay CT6 6SS in August 2013 and
Beach Creative Beach Street Herne Bay CT6 5PT in October 2013.
further details, dates and times can be found at

  • Sun 22 Sep 2013
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 07 Jul 2013
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 07 Apr 2013
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 04 Nov 2012
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 16 Sep 2012
    Beach Clean
  • Thu 30 Aug 2012
  • Sun 08 Jul 2012
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 06 May 2012
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 25 Mar 2012
    Beach Clean
  • Mon 19 Sep 2011
    'Shore' is a load of Rubbish!
  • Sun 18 Sep 2011
    Beachwatch Big Weekend
  • Mon 29 Aug 2011
    Message in a Bottle
  • Fri 22 Jul 2011
    Message in a Bottle
  • Sun 10 Jul 2011
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 10 Apr 2011
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 27 Feb 2011
    Beach Clean/Survey
  • Sat 25 Sep 2010
    'Shore' is a load of rubbish! 10th-25th September
  • Sun 19 Sep 2010
    Beach Clean
  • Sun 29 Aug 2010
    'Shore' is a load of rubbish! 9th-29th August
  • Sat 05 Jun 2010
    'Shore' is a load of rubbish! 25th May-5th June 2010 10am-5pm Bay Art Gallery William Street Herne Bay CT6 5NR

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