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Founded: 28th Jan 2013

Website: http://

Town or City: Ongar

Areas covered: Essex Parish: Bovinger, Bobbingworth, The Lavers, Moreton and the roads towards Fyfield and Ongar

'OUR PRIDE AT STAKE' group of local residents from Bovinger, Bobbingworth, The Lavers, and Moreton wants to take action to create

A cleaner healthier parish, a legacy of environmental responsibility and an enhanced social and friendly community.

'We live in stunningly beautiful area, enjoyed and valued by locals and visitors. But it's a shame we can't take a walk along our Parish roadways or around the fields without spotting a fair few items of rubbish – much of which is recklessly dropped by people passing through. "That's why this 'Our Pride at Stake' group was formed.

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