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We've collected 26 bags so far!


Founded: 14th Sep 2017

Town or City: Liverpool

Areas covered: Kirkdale, City Centre, Walton, Dock areas

Just moved to the area, looking at setting up a group. I’m an individual that deals covertly with litter in the area. I am looking at a couple of community projects all of which will generally be covert unless done as a group. I will also be actively reporting fly-tipping and dog fouling on daily business.

First month update: two wheely bins filled!
Second month update: Xmas tree on Greatie dealt with, general clear up and general drop established
Third month plan: trainers from phone lines, dog shite extinguisher!!!
Fourth month plan: waste/abandoned land adoption

  • Fri 05 Jan 2018
    An entire wheely bin!

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