Free eye-catching posters are available to download from the equipment section. Put these up well in advance of your litter pick to attract additional volunteers.

There are all sorts of ways of finding new members who want to join your group of volunteers. Here are a few suggestions - please let us know at if you have any other good ideas :


  • the most effective way of recruiting new members is probably by writing a good article for your local paper, your council’s newsletter and your parish magazine, explaining what your group does, when and where you meet and the fun you have keeping your area tidy – emphasise that you will welcome anyone who wants to join you and that it is a great way to meet people as well as to clean up where you live; make sure that you include your group’s LitterAction webpage address in the article e.g. 


  • don’t forget to make sure that your local volunteer centre knows of your group’s existence and has information from you on what your group does and when and where you meet. It is usually the volunteer centre that anyone wanting to become a volunteer will normally contact in the first instance; if you don’t know where your local volunteer centre is, Google “volunteer centres [your country]”, stating England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland as each home country has a different network of volunteer centres


  • make sure that your local authority, your parish or town council, your local school and your local police are partners and advocates for what you do


  • how about attending any local events or forums where environmental issue are discussed – there is often a question and answer session at which you can introduce yourself as a member of your group and ask an appropriate question


  • working with other groups such as “In Bloom” can be a great way of spreading the word


  • a postcard on your local supermarket or shop’s noticeboard can work wonders


  • is there any kind of information pack for new residents where you live ? If so, make sure that your group is mentioned in it


  • don’t forget to take every opportunity to talk to passers-by (and perhaps give them a leaflet) while you are out litter-picking – word of mouth is so often the best (and easiest) way to get new people involved and do please let us have any other ideas that have worked for you

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