Below are some useful links to other websites which can provide more assistance on how to write a press release:

Friends of the Earth

Here are three sample press releases that may help you to compose your own group press releases. Please bear in mind that these press releases are old and any statistics contained in them are out of date, but they should give you some ideas on content and how to structure your press release. 

Once it has been written you will need to undertake some research on local newspaper contacts. You could call the newsdesk and ask for an email address or sometimes you can find them on the newspaper website. Don't just go for one paper - try and send your release to a number of local and regional newspapers. Do also try and get your release to local radio stations as well.  It has been our experience that litter is a very media friendly subject so do maximise your opportunity to get stuff out there.

Sample Press Release 1: This is a more general release about the problem of littering and stating that a group has been formed to do something about it.

Sample Press Release 2: After your event a news release on how brilliantly it went. Positive in tone.

Sample Press Release 3: Prior to the event why litter is a problem and event details. Negative in tone.


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