Dick Macaulay from the Sandbach Clean Team has very kindly written up some notes on how his group obtains funds to carry out its core activities. We feel that there is some great advice here and although not a definitive guide, the comments on Sandbach's experience may well be useful to other groups. 

Please click on the link below to open this document.

Sandbach Clean Team - Notes on Funding

Some ideas from the Litteraction team:

You may feel that your group doesn’t need any funding, but it can be useful to have your own equipment. It may be risky relying on borrowing equipment from the local council, especially if there are other groups after it at the same time. You may also need funding if your group needs insurance cover.

We suggest that you approach the contact at your local council in the first instance – they may know of some good sources of funding and the council itself might even have the facility to give you a small grant to buy equipment and/or insurance.

Ask your local library to help you research what environmental grants there are available locally – they might have a grant-search database that you can use. There are a number of possible national sources of funding for volunteer groups. Here is a selection:

  1. Awards For All
  2. Biffaward
  3. UKFundraising often has good fundraising ideas
  4. Waitrose Community Matters Scheme - Some LitterAction groups have taken advantage of this. Each Waitrose store supports local charities. Pick up a leaflet in store for more details.

Approaching any businesses that are local to you can be a good source of funding. If it’s a smaller business, approaching the owner may be the best plan. For larger businesses, find out who in the business deals with community relations or “CSR” (corporate social responsibility). Arrange to meet this person – they may have some funding specially set aside for community projects and may be keen to issue a joint press release with you to publicise their grant to you. You might even find that they will happily encourage their staff to join you on a litter-pick too.

Ask local businesses to sponsor your group e.g. £x for each sack of litter collected.

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