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Your local council can often supply you with equipment but if you litter pick regularly you may want to consider buying your own, especially if there are other groups that operate in your area that rely on the borrowed equipment. Ask the contact at your local council where they buy their equipment – they might be able to get you good rates.

Below is a selection of suppliers who sell via the internet. Please let us know of any others you have used and we will add them to the list :

1. Litter pickers

Bag Snaggers - Currently available in the USA and increasingly in the UK.

Chester Care

Eureka Direct

The Helping Hand Company (Litterpickers direct)


Knighton Tool Supplies

Meadows Health & Safety


Robert Acton Product Developments - as recommended by Shane Barker of Scarborough Magpies. " Their range of litter pickers are far superior to others that are on the market. I hope you are able to put it on your website they deserve the recognition."

Unger UK Ltd. - Supplier of Trigger Grip™ Litter Picker



2. High visibility vests

Hi Viz Extras

Helping Hand Company



Safety Factory


3. Sacks

Cromwell Polythene

Eureka Direct

Macro Packaging

Safety Factory


4. Sack Hoops

For holding your bag open whilst litter picking


The Helping Hand Company (LitterPickers Direct)



5. Gloves

Helping Hand Company (Litter Pickers Direct)

Protec Direct 

Safety Factory


6. Posters

Please feel free to use these posters to advertise your event. There is one black and white and two colour designs to help attract additional volunteers.

Black and White

Colour design 1

Colour design 2


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