First you will need to Log-in

  1. go to your group's page on Litteraction
  2. click on the "login" link at the top right of the page
  3. enter your username and password and click on the green "log-in" link


Group Management


Group Management

The key area of the page for you to use as group coordinator is the "Group Management" panel at the top right of the page. We will now go through the various facilities here, listed under "Actions", in turn :

  • Change group details

Allows you to change any of the details of your group that you input when you originally set up your group's webpage e.g. "about the group", "areas covered", your postcode and the group coordinator's name and e-mail address. Click on the green "update" button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.

  • Add new bags

Enables you to add to (or modify) the tally of the number of bags of litter that your group has collected. To add, input the extra quantity in the "Add new bags" box and click on "Add". To modify the total quantity, amend the amount in the "Total" box and click on "Modify total"

  • Upload general group photos

See section on photos below

  • Manage the group home page photos

See section on photos below

  • Upload and manage group files

Use this facility to upload any Word or other files to your group's page. They will appear in a box at the right of the page.

  • E-mail your members

Use this facility to e-mail all the members of your group. It will help you, of course, if you ensure as you go along that all new members of your group have registered on your Litteraction webpage as members of your group - this will save you the task of having to update your e-mail list of group members constantly.

Type in the subject of the e-mail and the wording for the message and click on "send". A copy of the message that you send will automatically be e-mailed back to you. 

  • Add an event

Click here to add a new event to your page. The form is self-explanatory but the major point to bear in mind is that the date that you give the event in the "Date" box is vital because the event will be moved into the "Past Events" section of your group's page on the day after the date you input here.

So, if your event will take place on one day only, then input that day's date. But if the event will take place over more than one day, please input the date of last day of the event and show the actual dates of the event clearly in the "Event Details" box or, if you prefer, in the "Event Title" box. Click on "Add" when you have input all of the information. The "Report" box is available for you to write a report of the event after it has taken place.

  • Change password

Use this facility to change your personal Litteraction password.

Also :

"Group Members" List

This list, in the box at the bottom right of your group's page, lists all the people who have registered as members of your group. You can delete people who are no longer members of the group by clicking on the red X by that member's name.


When you have finished editing your page, click on the "log out" button at the top right of the page to log yourself out of the system.  



There are 3 ways in which photos can be loaded onto your group page.

1) By the Group Coordinator via the "Upload General Group Photos" facility on the "Group Management" panel

"General group photos" are the photos that are not specific to a particular event that appear first in the group's photo album. Click the "upload general group photos" link, browse to select your photo, add its description in the box above and click "upload". You can edit each photo's description by clicking on the "pen and paper" icon at the bottom right of each photo. You can delete a photo by clicking on the red X for that photo.

You can also drag and drop photos to re-order them on the page and, if you delete a photo accidentally, you can retrieve it from the recycle bin.

Click on "update" at the top right of the panel to confirm your changes.

2) By the Group Coordinator via the "Manage the Group Home Page Photos" facility on the "Group   Management" panel

This facility shows all the photos that the coordinators or group members have uploaded and enables the coordinator to select which photos appear on the strip at the top of the group's page.

Simply tick the box at the bottom right-hand corner of each photo that you want to show on the strip at the top of the group's page and drag and drop to re-order the photos on the strip. As group coordinator, you can also link to this facility via the link at the start of the group's photo album

Click on "update" at the top right of the panel to confirm your changes.

3)By the Group Coordinator and group members via the "Manage Photo Gallery" link under each event

This facility enables the group coordinator and group members to load photos that are specific to an event





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