Thank you for deciding to create a new litter group. The following process will mean that you will automatically become the  "Group Coordinator" for a new LitterAction group. This means an e-mail address will be shown on your group's page on the Litteraction website. If you would prefer to use a different e-mail address for your Group Coordinator activities we suggest that you create a new Hotmail or Googlemail address for your LitterAction group in advance.


1. How to register your group on LitterAction

1. From the hompage click on the green 'Register your group' button.

2. If you have already registered on the Litteraction website, input your username and password, click on "log-in".  If you end up being directed to your existing group's page and you want to create a webpage for a new group, click on the "create a group" link at the top right-hand corner of your existing group's webpage

3. If you are a new user, click on "new user" and choose a user name and password. Input your personal e-mail address - this e-mail address won't be shown anywhere on the website if you don't want it to be and you will be given the option of creating a new e-mail address, if you want to, that you can display on your group page as the group coordinator's e-mail address. Input your name (as you would like it to appear on your group's page) and your contact details

4. Leave the "Group" box as stating "new group"

5. Click on the drop-down menu for the "Where did you hear about us?" box and make your choice

6. Click on the "terms and conditions" link to read the terms and conditions before you proceed

7. If you agree with the terms and conditions, click on "Create Account"

2. Creating your new LitterAction group

After you have registered as a new user you will now be looking at the "Create a Group" form.

1. Input your group's name

2. Input the date that your group was founded using the "dd/mm/yyy" format e.g. "04/05/1997" - this will be displayed on your group's page

3. In the "About the Group" box, describe your group's activities so that anyone visiting your group page can clearly understand what your group does - this will be displayed on your group's page

4. If your group already has a website, input the address here in the format "www......" (there is no need to type http://)

5. If you wish to litter-pick on your own, click the "Solo group ?" box so that you leave a tick in it - other people will not then be able to join your "group"

6. In "Areas Covered", describe the geographical area(s) that your group covers so that someone local wanting to join your group can see, at a glance, which detailed areas you cover. This information will be displayed on your group's page

7. Input your e-mail address - which will be available (by clicking through to it) to all visitors to your group's web page. If you don't want to use your current personal e-mail address for this, please click on the Googlemail or Hotmail link to set up a new personal e-mail address for this purpose

8. Input your name as Group Coordinator - this will be displayed on your group's page

9. We would appreciate it very much if you also input your postal address as there may be rare occasions when we need to contact you (e.g. if there is a problem with your webpage) and we might not be able to contact you via your e-mail (but we promise not to use your postal address to send you mailings)

10. Please input your nearest town or city (or your "postal town") as this will be used on your group webpage and on the events calendar to show people where in the country you are based

11. Please input one full postcode (e.g. your home postcode) which will be used only to mark your group accurately on the UK map and will not be displayed on the website

12. Please add any other contact information (e.g. a phone number) that will help us to contact you if we need to get in touch with you

13. Click on the "Create !" button at the foot of the page and you will be taken to your group's newly-created page

Now you have done this please see instructions on managing your webpage.

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