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Founded: 02nd Jul 2019

Town or City: Oldham

Areas covered: Hathershaw, Oldham park area's,Ashton Rd and other local boroughs. Greater Manchester.

We are a group of residents in Hathershaw Oldham Lancashire and are passionate and dedicated to keeping our area and community clean and tidy with help from local authorities. I hope other communities will pluck up the courage and get out there to help your local area and community. We aim to organize new events and litter picks in the future.
We try and strive to make a more pleasant area to live in and for visitors of the community to say "wow!"
A resident clean up session will be on Sunday 30th June around the Hathershaw area.
If you would like more information then please contact me or just come  along and get your hands dirty. Our aim and promise is to free up the streets,alleyways and grass and park area's so people can have pride in their community and also respect what other people do for the borough.

Website and blog coming soon.

If you have any questions or want to join us please E-mail me. Thanks

We are buying some new green litter carts as seen in our group photo's they look the business and will help us clean up easily.
We will be having another community clean up this month so all volunteers get ready.

Quote: Someone asked me the other day and said your mad for picking up litter week in week out, so I said I ain't mad I'm happy to pick other people's mess it's a challenge for me, I get annoyed because people and kid's need educating but it's the attitudes I hate, well I cant be bothered and there's not enough bins do something about it and buy some bins or ask your local council, truth is you could have ten litter bins in a line on a road but someone will drop it on the floor...ah well, me I will carry on regard less with my group until other people realise that we need to keep our streets, alleyways and parks clean...I rest my case your honour.

Added a new Hathershaw litter Busters logo in group photos

We are cleaning up a alleyway in Hathershaw on Sunday so local residents get your gloves on and muck in for the community.
Also before that a community litter pick all equipment supplied by Oldham council, thanks.
August 4th so come along ok.


In our photo gallery I have added a picture of litter bins that I hope we can recycle and reuse for our community to save the authorities time and money.

  • Sun 15 Sep 2019
    Community clean-up
  • Sat 20 Jul 2019
    Charity clean up
  • Sun 30 Jun 2019
    community clean up

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