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Founded: 17th Nov 2008

Areas covered: All

Welcome to the Hamworthy Litter Hounds litter picking group.

My Name is Paul and have been living in Hamworthy for 12 years.
I decided to start a Litter picking group for the conurbation of Hamworthy because there just seems to be too much litter which is something the local council cant keep up with. Theres plenty of Bins but unfortunately not enough people using them. The rubbish you see floating around isnt really good for the wildlife and not really good for visitors first impressions.

You may have seen me on the Beach at Lake road collecting Litter and you have to agree the place looks 10 times better afterwards yes?
I dont get paid to this but just get satisfaction that visitors from all over the world can take something positive back with them to convey not only the area but how clean and litter free the area is.
Im sure if the effort is made the rewards will be easily forthcoming.

If you have a particular spot you want cleaned up please send me an E-mail and well try and sort that out as soon as possible obviously if the amount is too big i.e. flytipping then a Phone call to your Local Environmental officer should do the trick. You can call them on 261700. The Council are pretty quick to remove flytipped rubbish but it might take a couple of days.

I hope youll join us in the fight against Litter in Hamworthy even if it means just picking up that old Coke can or crisp packet and placing it in a Bin, every little bit counts.

Please help to make Hamworthy THE place to be!

Happy picking

  • Mon 02 Feb 2009
    Dawkins Road
  • Fri 09 Jan 2009
  • Mon 24 Nov 2008
    Hoyle road, Lake road, Goliath road, Samson road and Annett close
  • Tue 18 Nov 2008
    Blandford road

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