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Founded: 29th Jul 2012

Website: http://

Town or City: Greenock

Areas covered: The Glen, the walkways and the paths

I live adjacent the Auchmountain Glen and it started to become a hot spot for anti social behavior. I combated this by using my skills as a photographer and started to photograph the glens neglect with the thought of getting the kids involved in the area they as said to be anti social and they would then care for it. The Glen has became a dangerous place in it's years of neglect and I wouldn't want to see a kid killed for just being a kid. I took the photographs in 2010 and got not much response locally using my facebook business page for my company StillMoving Image. I gathered my timing was not good and so when the two new schemes where built I set up 'Friends of Auchmountain Glen' on Facebook as a community page. Low and behold the laws of probability felled George Wylies commissioned statue ' The Monarch of The Glen ' and so I had my spin to highlight the Glen. This spin has inevitably brought attention to the Monarch and he is to be moved which for me is both good and bad. George Wylie specifically put this statue there after being offered cash not to as he had the utmost respect for the area and the people of the strone. If I can continue without the Monarch then so be it but we do need to prevent a childs death and get the Glen restored. For over 100 years it has been with us and over the decades it has fallen into disrepair. It is just my time on earth and our time to do our bit.

  • Sat 15 Jun 2013
    Stage One-Day One

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