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We've collected 1000 bags so far!


Founded: 22nd Feb 2010

Town or City: Earley, Reading

Areas covered: Earley (including Maiden Erlegh and Lower Earley)

With encouragement and advice from other adopt-a-street groups listed, Maiden Erlegh Residents' Association and Earley Environmental Group together formed EASI: Earley Adopt-a-Street Initiative. The aim is to fight the litter-dropping across our town by urging residents to take responsibility for litter-picking along their own road (or maybe a nearby footpath).

To date (May 2013), more than 250 volunteers have signed up, across Earley. We also have the strong support of Earley Town Council and Wokingham Borough Council, which supply us with the equipment.  Read the full story of EASI here:

We're announcing 1000 bags collected, but the true figure is many more (especially with the annual Earley Litter-Pick that we organize separately). Really there's no way of counting how many full bags of litter we have all picked up from the pavements and paths of Earley.

Although many people have come forward to sign up for EASI at particular local events, more than half of our members joined as a result of leaflets put through their doors - a few at a time in each new street that we target.  The average success rate is one new volunteer for every 25 or so leaflets delivered!

Do join us, and make your road an EASI-Street! Send us an email to say where you live, and we will give you the tools to do the job.

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