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We've collected 18 bags so far!


Founded: 09th Jun 2008

Town or City: Colchester

Areas covered: Colchester

We will try and work with the Borough council, Parish councils, Companies, Organisations, Groups and Individuals to make Colchester the cleanest, or one of the cleanest towns in Britain. To do this we need your help. We will organise and take part in Public Litter Picks and try to re-educate people to be more responsible and remember that children learn through copying especially their parents and other adults. We also like to work with the schools to make the pupils or students aware of our environment. We want to try to make this group much more than this, but this is a start. Join us and clean up Colchester with us. Maybe we can win the Cleanest Town in Britain Award next time?

  • Sat 27 Sep 2008
    Colchesters Big Cleanup
  • Sat 28 Jun 2008
    Public Litter Pick

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