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Founded: 07th Jul 2007


Town or City: Buckhaven, Fife

Areas covered: Buckhaven & Denbeath. regular clearing of greenspaces - coastal path Buckhaven to E Wemyss, sometimes neighbouring areas

Community-led Environmental Action for Regeneration is a voluntary group established in 2007. As residents of a neglected urban regeneration area, we aim to improve the local environment and to help build pride in our local community.
CLEAR works to improve the appearance and character of the Buckhaven & Denbeath area through a range of actions which include:
•    Litter clearing + recycling: improving greenspaces around town, organising both special and ongoing cleanups + recycling collected waste.
•    Planting: making public open space more attractive by planting flower bulbs, shrubs and trees in parks, shoreline, roadside verges, coastal path and other locations.
    Smallscale landscaping - installing railings, painting, wall murals, and similar especially focused on neglected or rundown spots

•    Advocacy, lobbying:  Influence  policies and practices of key actors such as political representatives, Fife Council, other agencies to combat misuse of public space, encourage investment and improvements in services, tackling eyesores.
•    Others: CLEAR works with others especially Kinetic/YMCA youth project, Community Wardens, other Fife Council departments.   We also started some local public talks to help build community awareness

  • Sun 05 Dec 2010
    Community woodland planting
  • Sat 20 Nov 2010
    Community woodland planting
  • Sun 21 Mar 2010
    Monthly practical action
  • Sat 07 Nov 2009
    Shrub & Bulb Planting
  • Tue 20 Jan 2009
  • Tue 16 Dec 2008
    December Monthly Meeting
  • Sun 14 Dec 2008
    Tree planting
  • Sat 07 Jun 2008
    Lead On Maduff

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