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Founded: 24th Feb 2015


Town or City: Wembley

Areas covered: Part of Barnhill Road, nearby open spaces including part of Welsh Harp. Join me to expand the area.

Blitter8 – Barnhill Road litter haters.
Do you hate litter? If you can’t go for a pleasant stroll without being constantly distracted by other people’s carelessly disposed waste then you are truly a hate litter. Litter is an eyesore and it harms our environment.
A Keep Britain Tidy report says that litter is increasing and that enough litter is collected each year in England to fill Wembley Stadium FOUR times over. It costs the tax payer £1,000,000,000 (one billion).  A vast amount of litter is not recovered, including many tonnes that find its way into in our oceans.
The report also says that 62% of people litter but only 28% admit it. They just don’t care - they are despicable. They kill people’s enjoyment and literally kill and distress animals. They even affect their own health when their pollution comes back to them in their food. They probably don’t know this because they don’t think about the affects of their conduct, their choices. The solution is education. We don’t do that.
It is war and we are outnumbered, but we few refuse to lose. Litter is a blight that we can't accept.  Which side are you on? If you’re one of the 72% that claim they don’t litter there is only one way to prove it; pick up at least 3 pieces of litter every day. It isn’t difficult unless you are truly infirmed. Better still, join or create a litter picking group, which should make an even bigger contribution and compensate for those that won’t or can’t be part of the solution. We lead by good example and undo the damage done by litter louts.
We can imagine a world without litter or we can make that world. Blitter8 – obliterate litter.

  • Sun 29 Mar 2015
    Big Tidy Up - Charkhill Park

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