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We've collected 18 bags so far!


Founded: 31st Oct 2009

Town or City: Harrogate

Areas covered: Harrogate and surrounding countryside.

The group started with me and my daughter Rose but it is now starting to grow (welcome Melanie, Donald and Duncan!). When we go out for walks we take a bag or two and a litter picker and pick up litter as we go. The best thing to do with a problem or issue that is bothering you is to do something positive about it, in this case direct action. Our aims are to raise awareness that littering is an antisocial thing to do, get litterbugs to stop and think about their actions, and stop littering, persuade others to help look after our local environment and last, but not least, clean up some litter. It is within each of us to have a positive impact on the people around us and our locality, but this only comes with effort and setting a good example.

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