Litter pick on way to work

Spotted some more cans littered around the canal art sculpture by bridge 3 and other bits along the towpath recently so decided on a pick this morning. Set out earlier than normal for work so I was at the canal for 10.45. We recycle at work so I decided I will have a bag for general waste which I can put in the bin closer to the end of the towpath and a Sainsbury's bag for life for all recyclables. Picked lots of cans and also a few of the plastic rings that the cans come in (these are horrendous for animals! Companies need to devise better methods for keeping cans together!). Managed to grab some nasty rubbish floating on the canal as there was a large stick of wood in the canal so I used that to bring cans/bottles/plastic bags close to the edge for me to fish out. It was also blue bin day in Coventry (this is for all recycling-plastic/paper/glass) - so I managed to empty my recyclables midway in a blue lidded wheelie bin on a street by a canal access point (which was 90% empty - I hope the resident whose bin it was doesn't mind - but I was sure to only put the correct items in there). And a good thing too because I managed to fill the bag completely again by the end of my walk and emptied it in our work mixed recycling bin! Other observations...a couple passed me and I could hear what I think sounded like encouragement and admiration for it being noticeable that the area is clean which made me very glad and I must concur the area is generally very clean since I have been keeping an eye and clearing away litter soon after spotting it. I also passed an old man who started pointing out cans and bottles, in fact it started as 'you missed one!' which I thought slightly cheeky but then it was nice to be acknowledged and helped even if he wasn't picking litter himself! Finally a narrowboat with a plaque reading 'The Cheese boat' went by and gave me a big wave which was very sweet :) A great litter pick today!

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