Ronald McDonald House Southampton "Spring Clean"

Towards the end of 2016 when we had a meeting at the Southampton Ronald McDonald House one of the Community Crew suggested that it would be a great idea if we make one of our quarterly events a clean up at the House. What a great idea! So here is the result of that idea. We arrived at the House on the morning of Wednesday 8th February.In our team were: Marta from 120 (Bournemouth), Andre from 235 (Boscombe), Craig from 349 (Basingstoke Market Place), DJ & Molly from 358 (Christchurch), Dan & Vicki from 393 (Winchester), Mike from 518 (Ower), Dylan from 710 (Basingstoke Brighton Hill), Marie from 739 (Black Cat), Glady from 1267 (Basingstoke Leisure Park) and Erik from 1429 (Picket Post).
3 of us tackled the roof garden, removing dead plants from last summer, cutting down perennials, trimming grasses to encourage new growth and planting pansies to brighten the garden up until it gets some summer colour.
2 of the guys went and did a big litter pick around the house picking up 2 big bags of rubbish including cigarette butts.
Our maintenance man from Ower did a bit of painting making the walls in reception look lovely again.
The others took on the mammoth task of spring cleaning one of the huge kitchens in the house(which is actually 4 kitchens in one space!). They removed all of the pots, pans and crockery as well as all utensils, cleaned it all and then cleaned the cupboards and drawers before replacing it all!

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