Clean Up Bristol Harbour monthly event

Clean up Bristol Harbour

Sunday 17th of September 2017, 2.30pm-4.30pm followed by some drinks!

You’re Bristol based? Live, play, enjoy Bristol Harbour? Then come along to “Clean Up Bristol Harbour”. A monthly event, gathering people to go around the harbour (just walking around or on watercrafts) picking up the floating litter.

When? Sunday 17th of September
What time? From 2.30pm-4.30pm
Where? Meet by the Arnolfini pontoon

The story so far…
Clean Up Bristol Harbour was started by Chloe, who whilst rowing up and down our beautiful Avon river between Netham and Hanham lock saw how the tide can bring in all sorts of rubbish spoiling this scenic stretch of water. This got her to think: if we get that much rubbish on this part of the river what is it like down at the harbour?! This is how the idea of “Clean Up Bristol Harbour” was born! After nearly a year running it Chloe had generated much enthusiasm for the project, appearing in the local press several times. However, Chloe has left the UK for warmer climes, and thus handed the project over to John who from this event onwards will be organising the Clean Ups. John has worked in a office near the harbour for nine years and has enjoyed much of what the harbour has to offer since moving to Bristol fifteen years ago, so the chance to maintain the project's momentum in her absence was taken up enthusiastically.

What is “Clean Up Bristol Harbour”?
The idea behind “Clean Up Bristol Harbour” is to go around Bristol harbour to collect the floating rubbish that has accumulated over time. Believe it or not there is a whole team of wonderful people that do clean the harbour every single day! Can you imagine what it would be like without them?!

With “Clean Up Bristol Harbour” I want to bring people together to give something back to the city while having some fun. Every month we will be keeping a record of the rubbish collected to get a better idea and understanding of what accumulates in the harbour and where it all comes from.

Your story…
You live in Bristol? You love the Harbour? Bring your crafts, grab your nets and come down! Who knows what you might find! You might be in for a surprise! We have had people from many walks of lfe, including attendees on paddleboards and in kayaks helping out!

It’s all about fun fun fun = !!! FREE LICENSE for the day !!!
The Harbour Master has been kind enough to wave a free day license (55p charge to cover the liability insurance) for anyone joining the event!! This means that after coffee you have access to the whole harbour go out and have some fun!!! Thank you Bristol Harbour Master!

Plan for the day
- 1400 : meeting by the Arnolfini
(16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA).
Introduction followed by a quick health and safety briefing
- 1430 : litter pick.
- 1530 : meet back at the Arnolfini to compile all of the collected rubbish - welcomed to join in the sorting through!
- 1630 : get together for some drinks!

What you might want to bring
- Your boat/kayak/canoe etc. All types of water craft are welcome, even inflatable boats
  (as long as they’re approved by a National Standards Authority).
- Lifejacket (if you’re a canoer or a kayaker or bringing an inflatable craft).
- Any of the following for collecting floating rubbish: nets, pair of heavy duty gloves, litter pickers.
- Change of clothes, sunscreen, hats, water, rain jackets (depending on forecast), some cash

NOTE: Staff from the Harbour Office will be giving a Health and Safety briefing before going out on the water. I will also ask people to sign a waiver/disclaimer before going out.

Rain or shine, I look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Sun 17 Sep 2017
    Clean Up Bristol Harbour monthly event

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