2017 Ton of litter challenge

The previous 18 months has been very tough with 3 deaths of immediate family members and a triple portion of life changing health news, so I haven't been able to get out and pick.  After getting through most of the issues, I'm now back with a vengeance.

This year we're going to take on the challenge to collect 1 metric Ton of litter, just from the roads and green spaces of Kettering and surrounding areas.  The main sites that have really suffered since I stopped picking are the woodland by Rothwell Road bridge, the A43 link road, the A14 slip roads and Northfield Avenue Slade brook corridor, especially the Union Street copse.  The McDonalds bins continue to help the litter situation, but sadly the types that drop litter don't use bins, so we've still got a steady stream of their litter to clean up.

In addition to the 1 Ton of rubbish, this year's cause is Nanna's Animal Rescue in Irthlingborough.  This breathtakingly selfless charity is entirely staffed by unpaid volunteers, who work all through the seasons, mucking out, nursing and caring for our county's unwanted and abandoned animals. This week, Nanna's announced that it is struggling severely with trying to pay its food and vets bill, following a major spike in animal admissions.  This threatens the work and future of the charity, so we've decided to do something about it. We have established a £1000 fundraising target on the just giving website, so that people who want to support the charity can help out and make a donation.  We appreciate any and all help deeply, as very few people speak for the Hedgehogs and other animals that are continually displaced by all the new build  and road developments that can be seen all across our county.

I would really like to incorporate more recycling in to my picking.  Sending what we collect to landfill is counterproductive, as it's just moving one bit of dumped rubbish to another piece of countryside and it costs £100's per ton for the council to dispose of it.  Sorting litter as you pick is a real tricky proposition, as it requires at least three bags, a bag for heavy plastics, metals and paper/cardboard, a bag for plastic film(supermarkets take this) and non-recyclables.  The other solution is to pick it three times, using just one bag, but this is probably not practical. On the first pick this week I will start to use multi bags, to see how it goes.

I am aiming to get everyone that I can, including the colleagues at Asda, to sponsor the pick, in aid of Nanna's animal rescue centre.  We will be sooooo grateful for all and any donations, which can be sent via the Just Giving website. www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kettering-litteraction

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Past Events

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    Kettering A43 link road 4th 1 Tonne pick-middle stretch
  • Mon 06 Mar 2017
    Wadenhoe fishing 3rd litter pick
  • Sat 04 Mar 2017
    Great British Spring Clean 2nd 1 Tonne pick
  • Thu 02 Mar 2017
    A43 Link road pick 1st 1 Tonne pick
  • Wed 03 Aug 2016
    Barnwell country park and Dutchess lake pick
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    clearing other people's stuff up.
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  • Tue 02 Sep 2014
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  • Thu 20 Jun 2013
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  • Fri 01 Jul 2011
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    ASDA litter pick

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