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Founded: 27th Feb 2015


Town or City: Washington

Areas covered: Fatfield in Washington, Tyne&Wear Village centre, verges, play areas, shrubberies and woodlands, footpaths.

Would you like to become a member of  Tidyfatfield group?. Would you like to  volunteer to work with likeminded residents to rid Fatfield village of the blight of litter, by meeting occasionally to hold litter-collecting events  and report problems to the Council?.

We have had meetings with local councillors and the Council’s  Customer Relations Officer  and they are interested in working with and assisting with materials to allow safe litter collections.

Sunderland Council's resources are being stretched, so it's up to residents to take action. Tidyfatfield was set up by a Sustrans volunteer who helps to maintain the C2C route through Washington (and has picked LOTS of litter!). The group has been registered with , which is a growing national organization of almost 700 volunteer groups around the UK. It is run by two charities ‘The Campaign to Protect Rural England’ (CPRE) and CleanupUK. The organization has a wonderful web site, bringing together all the national litter collection volunteer groups.

All new members welcome, by clicking onto the website, to do as much or as little as they can. Just having a name on the website makes the Council listen.

Group picks take place every first alternate Saturday or Sunday 10am at the village shop (except June-August holiday months). A poster will appear in the shop one week before pick. Other meetings and litterpicks will be notified, but you can make contact. by e-mail at any time. Your name will not be visible to the general public on the site. If you do carry out solo litter picks please report back, photos are good, and give the number of bags collected, for our records. Bags can be supplied.

We will try to get permanent " litterpickers" for the group, but they are available at B&Q. Old clothes, strong gloves and safety glasses are advisable for "big picks", but common sense is enough for the odd item. Watch especially for dog dirt, glass and needles. Insurance is not provided - please see the document on our website which we have to show, which is a liability disclaimer.
Tidyfatfield is now part of the Keep Washington Tidy umbrella group, which meets regularly to share news and coordinate action.

  • Sat 04 Mar 2017
    Great British Claenup
  • Sat 07 Jan 2017
    Monthly pick
  • Sun 04 Sep 2016
    Monthly litterpick
  • Sun 07 Aug 2016
    Monthly litterpick
  • Sun 10 Jul 2016
    Group pick
  • Sun 08 May 2016
    Group litterpick
  • Sun 03 Apr 2016
    Monthly pick
  • Sun 06 Mar 2016
  • Sun 06 Mar 2016
  • Sun 07 Feb 2016
    Group pick
  • Sun 06 Dec 2015
    Litter pick
  • Sun 06 Sep 2015
  • Sat 11 Jul 2015
  • Sun 24 May 2015
  • Sat 02 May 2015
  • Sat 11 Apr 2015
  • Sat 04 Apr 2015

  • Sat 30 Sep 2017
    Litter pick
    Meet at village shop 10am. Equipment provided ...
  • Sat 30 Sep 2017
    Litter pick
    Meet at the village shop at 10am. Equipment provided. ...

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