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Founded: 01st Jun 2016

Town or City: Woking

Areas covered: Sheerwater

The proposed regeneration of the Sheerwater area has made us realise how much we like this place.  Since we care about our neighbourhood it is up to us to look after it and make it a nice place to live.

Our ground-zero is Sheerwater Recreation Area.  This is a heavily used open space which many of us enjoy using.   Because it is so popular it inevitably attracts a lot of rubbish - but this is an easy, and rewarding, problem to deal with.

Once we've cleaned up the park on one of our regular nitpicking sessions, then we extend our reach outwards along the canal and neighbouring areas to cover as much as we can.

  • Sat 04 Mar 2017
    Great British Spring Clean
  • Mon 18 Jul 2016
    Hot Weather
  • Fri 15 Jul 2016
  • Mon 20 Jun 2016
    Monday: The day after the night before
  • Thu 16 Jun 2016
    Thursday Night Out

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